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Fukuyama Works Message from General Manager

The Fukuyama Works of Mitsubishi Electric was established in 1943 for the purpose of manufacturing advanced power control devices. For more than 60 years, it has contributed extensively to maintaining the company at the forefront of industry in the field of power distribution equipments and control devices. Much has been accomplished by the Fukuyama Works throughout the years, including becoming Japan's first manufacturer in the industry and developing various devices that have led to and support energy savings in a multitude of industrial fields. We have received awards and recognition for our products and contributions to society, which only inspire us to work harder, placing an emphasis on preserving the environment and energy as we continue to challenge the development and creation of new technologies and innovations.

The Fukuyama Works mainly develops and manufactures power distribution/protection equipment and measurement/control devices; products that enable people to use "electricity" more safely in daily life. We are also well aware of the need to reduce environmental burden and energy consumption, and in recent years have been concentrating on the development and manufacture of products that support the realization of effective energy savings.

Our goal is to operate in harmony with nature, the local community and society in general through our manufacturing activity. As a means for promoting this, we have nicknamed the Fukuyama Works the "Eco-Factory," and adopted the slogan "In pursuit of economy & ecology" with the aim of protecting and improving environmental conditions. We hope that customers from all over the world will someday visit the Eco-Factory, where one can find many hints for realizing energy savings.

There are three viewpoints that we are focusing on to strengthen our foundation for growth.

We will do our best to expand our business all over the world by improving the quality of our products, technologies and services as a central factory of overseas production facilities for Mitsubishi low-voltage products.
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We will make every effort to provide customer-oriented products and services which are both easy to use and ideally suited to each of our customers around the world.
We will recognize industry trends and create a competitive advantage in the world by comparing not only our competitors' products performance but also their development concepts with our own to improve the convenience of our customers.

Mitsubishi Electric and its employees are committed to develop and manufacture superior products that contribute to a better life for all people. We will do this by pioneering new techniques and markets while not fearing changes and meeting the challenges of globalization.

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