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Energy Measuring Devices

Every saving support equipment that is compatible with various network applications and systems that are internet-capable, provide energy consumption and a reduction in the need for support.

Product Lineup

Features high performance and crystal clear display, supporting measuring and monitoring.

Contributes to energy and cost savings.

By directly slotting-in to the PLC, measurement of a variety of energy information is simple!!

Continuously Monitoring of Insulation by PLC
– Production Equipment Preventive Maintenance Support –

Effects of Energy Saving

Increase of productivity

Productivity at normal conditions can be analyzed by managing unit consumption (Electrical power/production quantity). For example, facility breakdown is one reason for increased unit consumption. By identifying the cause, unit consumption will decrease, which leads to improvement in productivity. Moreover, surveillance of upper/lower limits contributes to proper maintaining of electrical machines and equipment.

Increase of Energy Efficiency

Effective energy saving activities start from grasping the current conditions by making energy usage amount visible. Efficiency of energy usage becomes possible by thorough energy management by department, and usage by unit consumption management by each line facility.

At factories
  • Realize "visible management" by building a model factory for energy saving
  • Realize "visible management" where everyone participates by disclosing data
  • Find waste by unit consumption management at each facility
  • Find waste by measuring facility management
  • Strengthen unit consumption management by time, line and facility
At buildings
  • Realize "visible management" where everyone participates by data disclosure
  • Implement and promote energy saving activities by Management By Objective
  • Strengthen each floor's time and energy usage management

Increase of Production Process Efficiency

By measuring electrical power on a short cycle (1 sec., 1 min., etc.), how each load changes throughout the manufacturing process can be observed. You can analyze if there is any unprofitable waiting time or unnecessary load current running during waiting time.

Methods for Energy Saving (PDCA)

System construction example for measuring energy