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Energy Measuring Devices - Multi-measuring Instrument New-S Series


New-S Series power measurement devices offer excellent performance, high accuracy and reliability, and easy-to-read displays. A large product line enables us to ensure the best solution for your measurement and monitoring needs.

High accuracy monitoring functions by our dedicated ASIC

  • Upper/lower limit monitoring up to 4 items
  • Harmonics monitoring
  • Measuring import/export active energy

Easy to read display functions

  • 4 items displayable
  • Backlight automatic off function

Wide range of output functions from measuring data to alarm

  • Output functions for 7 items
  • Pulse width settable
  • Pulse output at 2 points (ME-4201-NS96) Analog output range settable

Communication functions to support open networks

  • CC-Link communication
  • ModBus communication

High-tech, yet simple operating functions

  • Simple settings
  • Simple operations

Product Lineup

Model Name
ME96NSR-MB ModBus Communication
Model Name Analog Output Pulse Output Contact Input Contact Output (*2) Transmission Function Used with
ME-4201-NS96 4 2 - 1 - ME96NSR
ME-0040C-NS96 - - 4 - CC-Link  
ME-0052-NS96 (*1) - - 5 2 - ME96NSR-MB
*1 :
ME-0052-NS96 is an optional plug-in module for ME96NSR-MB only.
*2 :
Contact Output for ME-4101-NS96 closes at the time of high and low alarm occurrence.
Contact Output for ME-0052-NS96 switches according to 16 bit of ModBus communication.