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Low-voltage Products Circuit Breakers - Earth-leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB)


Earth leakage circuit breakers are utilized to prevent electrification and electrical fires caused by short-circuiting in low-voltage indoor environments.

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NV-C Series Economy Type

This basic model has excellent cost performance. Standard products range from 30 to 630A frames.

NV-S Series Standard Type
NV-H Series
High-performance Type

This standard model lineup, with products from 32A to 800A frames, can be used for a wide range of applications. (H Series: 63A-800A frames)

NV-U Series
Ultra Current-limiting Type

This ultra current-limiting breaker is available with 125A frames or 250A frames, and offers maximum breaker capacity and high current-limiting features as a backup circuit breaker.

Product Lineup

Frame Size (A) Economy Type Standard Type High-performance Type Ultra Current-limiting Type
32(30) NV30-CS NV32-SW - -
63 NV63-CW NV63-SW NV63-HW -
125 NV125-CW NV125-SW NV125-HW NV125-RW
160 - - - -
250 NV250-CW NV250-SW NV250-HW NV250-RW
400 NV400-CW NV400-SW NV400-HEW -
630 NV630-CW NV630-SW NV630-HEW -
800 - NV800-SEW NV800-HEW -